How to use an outdoor grill in winter

There’s truly no need to be jealous of the all-season Aussie BBQ and grill lifestyle. Here in the UK, it’s just as easy to enjoy year-round BBQs, irrespective of the weather. Most people don’t think about cooking outside in the colder months, but grilling is easy to accomplish even when frost, ice and snow are on the ground. Using an outdoor grill in winter is a lot different to grilling in summer, though. So take heed of our Outdoor Chef UK tips and enjoy tasty barbies in the dark winter months.

Tips for using an outdoor grill in winter

Firing up the barbecue and entertaining guests with an outdoor meal is great fun in winter, just so long as you plan carefully. Obviously it’s a lot colder in winter months, so it’s important to dress warmly, but it also gets dark very early.

Preparing your food in advance of any winter evening barbecue is one way to avoid the spills and droppages caused by cooking in darkness. If you don’t have adequate outdoor lighting in your BBQ area, then fixing a flashlight so light falls onto the grilling area is a good idea.

Before you start to grill, take the time to stage the area by clearing off any water, ice or even snow that is lying on the grill or any shelves. And, ensure you have safe and clear access to and from your grill.

If you plan to wear gloves throughout cooking operations, these should be heat-resistant gloves to avoid any chance of fire or burns.

Keep the grill lid down throughout the cooking process, as frequently lifting the lid will cause your grill to lose heat and extend cooking times. You could use a timer to ensure meats are cooked to perfection. Check out our Outdoor Chef grill range to source gas or charcoal grills that are ideally suited to all-weather grilling.

And, finally, ensure you have a supply of fresh charcoal or a new gas bottle close by, just in case you run out during the grilling session.

Our line of Outdoor Chef accessories and grills provide everything that’s needed to enjoy delicious outdoor grills any time of year.