Top Benefits Of Having A Portable BBQ

Who doesn’t love a good BBQ? Whether you are a meat-loving marinade expert, or a veggie-loving grill professional a BBQ is the perfect way to get flavoursome food whilst experimenting with flavour and perfecting your technique.

Portable BBQs bring a whole new dimension to the world of barbecuing, providing numerous benefits that you may not have even considered!


Obviously portable BBQs tend to be smaller than their permanently in situ cousins. If you are looking for a barbecue that won’t take up much space and is ideal for storing away in the winter then a portable BBQ is probably the best choice for you. Easily stored away in a shed or garage to keep it safe and secure until the sun comes out again!


As the name would suggest most portable barbecues are designed to be lighter in weight so they can be moved easily from place to place without putting too much stress on the person moving the barbecue or requiring more than one person to be involved should your barbecue need to be moved or stored away.

Easy To Clean

The size of portable barbecues often means that whilst very effective, their design is simpler, than that of some of the larger barbecues that are available. The simpler design of a portable BBQ often means that there are less bits to clean when it comes to tidying up meaning you can spend more time entertaining and enjoying yourself!


Permanent portable BBQs are much more durable than the alternative disposable barbecues that people often take with them if they want to eat al fresco on the go.

Permanent portable barbecues are less wasteful and offer a more enjoyable cooking experience. If you are cooking for several people you will find that the cooking time on a good quality portable barbecue far exceeds that which you will get from a disposable barbecue.

On The Road

By far the best thing about portable barbecues is the ability to dine in some of the best and most unusual locations – halfway up a hillside or a beach barbecue at sunset anyone?

Choosing an appropriate space and managing your BBQ and the clean up properly are imperative if you decide to take your barbecue out and about.


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