Top benefits of cooking and eating outdoors

One inescapable fact is that we all need to eat every day! So, the more enjoyable that experience, the more pleasure we get from everyday life. Finding ways to make cooking and eating more pleasurable activities is important – so here are some reasons why we should consider taking this experience outside as often as we can:

The smell and the smoke

One of the biggest negative aspects of cooking at home is the smell and the smoke generated throughout the house – depending of course, on what you’re cooking! People love the smell of some foodstuffs, but often certain dishes can leave a strong and unpleasant after-odour. Cooking outdoors, obviously, alleviates this – you can still enjoy the aromas from your food as it’s actually cooking, but you don’t have to experience the stale version again the following morning around the house!

The fresh air

Seems an obvious benefit – everybody likes to be outdoors when the weather allows. Eating outside allows you to enjoy the fresh air, and natural light. Being cooped up indoors all day can lead to you breathing stale air – so outdoor eating is far healthier that way. Coming home from work and enjoying an outdoor meal is a particularly pleasant experience if your job entails you being inside all day.  

The outdoor setting

Just enjoying your meal in a different environment can be enjoyable. No matter how nice the décor is in your home, it’s always a nice change to enjoy a leisurely meal in more natural and colourful surroundings. Ending your working day by eating in your garden, with the different textures, sounds and landscape can be very relaxing.

Active lifestyle

Dining outdoors contributes to a healthier and more active lifestyle. It promotes inclusivity – the kids can be running round whilst the meal is cooking – without it being a danger, as it would be in an indoor kitchen – and it generally offers a more ’family-friendly’ environment to enjoy a meal. 

Healthier cooking

Outdoor cooking almost always means grilling – this is a healthier form of cooking – especially meat – as it makes it leaner and, therefore, less calorific. Grilling food also means that more of the nutrients are retained and even your fresh vegetables benefit from being grilled rather other forms of cooking.


As mentioned earlier, not only does outdoor eating allow a more active alternative, it is, in general, a more sociable option. Indoors, you are obviously restricted as to the number of people you can be seated with, but outside there is so much more room to cater for greater numbers and, on top of that, cooking and eating outdoors always seems to add a sense of occasion to your meal. There is also the aspect of the mess – nobody cares if food gets dropped or drink spilled outdoors – you’re not worrying about stained cloths or damaged carpets!

Sleep quality

Another valuable by-product, as such, of eating outside is improved sleep! Any outdoor activity and time spent in the fresh air always contributes to better sleep, as well as spending quality time with friends and family helps to reduce stress and everyday worries.


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