Our Top Tips For Cooking Meat On A BBQ

There is no doubt that at the heart of most BBQ cooking is meat. A firm family favourite when it comes to barbecuing, knowing how to BBQ meat properly can sometimes be a bit of a mystery! We’ve put together our top tips from how to barbecue steak whatever your guests’ cooking preference is, to what BBQ accessories will help you achieve perfect results when barbecuing your meat.

Prep Meat Properly

Before you’ve even fired up the grill there are many pitfalls on the road to a successful meat barbecue so it’s important to ensure your preparation is done correctly.

Make sure you choose the right meat for barbecuing. If you wish to BBQ steak, look for a bright red colour to the steak and marbling to ensure the steak has a good amount of fat running through the flesh. It’s important to trim any excess fat from the outside of the steak but it’s also important to have marbling through the steak to keep it moist when it is barbecued. Don’t choose lean meat as this will dry out in the barbecuing process.

When seasoning your meat, it is better to salt just before you BBQ your meat. If you wish to use a marinade, it’s preferable to marinate your meat overnight to allow the flavours to infuse into the food. BBQ accessories such as the OutdoorChef Marinade Syringe or the OutdoorChef Silicone Brush are ideal for treating your meat with flavour.

If you are defrosting meat to use on your barbecue, ensure that your meat has been thawed completely in the fridge overnight. It is also important to take your BBQ meat out of the fridge to rest at room temperature before commencing BBQ cooking, otherwise the meat will toughen on contact with the heat of your BBQ.

Get Your Timing Right

All prepped? Don’t undo your hard work by overcooking or undercooking your meat!

It’s a fine balance making sure that your meat has been cooked sufficiently but that it isn’t undercooked and a risk for food poisoning. Meat thermometers are very handy BBQ accessories that will help you check your meat is at the correct temperature before you serve it up to your guests.

If you wish to BBQ steak, you will need to consider whether you are serving it blue, rare, medium rare, medium, or well done. A meat thermometer will also help you measure the stage of your steak without having to cut it open.

If you don’t have a meat thermometer, you can use the rule of thumb – use finger to test the feel of the steak compared to different places on your hand.

  • A rare steak will feel like the pad at the base of your thumb.
  • A medium steak will feel like the middle of your palm.
  • A well done steak will feel like the base below your little finger.

Master the right cooking technique

Finally, don’t forget to check your BBQ cooking technique when you are actually at the grill.

Always sear steak quickly on the outside to seal in the juices, the less a steak is handled the less chance there is for juices to escape, and the juicier the steak. For the same reason it is always better to use BBQ accessories – such as OutdoorChef Charcoal Tongs – to turn your steak, rather than a fork. The tongs will handle the meat delicately whilst a fork will pierce the meat and allow juices to escape drying out your cut whilst it continues to cook.

Consider the use of direct heat and indirect heat in your BBQ cooking. For thicker pieces of meat you will need to use indirect heat to ensure the meat is cooked properly.

Always leave your meat to rest for up to 5 mins after cooking to ensure the meat has relaxed before serving it to your guests.


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