The Pros & Cons Of Electric BBQs

We all love to take advantage of any good weather, and many of us use the opportunity to break out the barbeque and enjoy some al fresco dining. There are a number of options to choose from when it comes to barbequing – traditional charcoal barbeques, gas barbeques and a growing market of electric barbeques available, from tabletop and portable grills through to larger outdoor grills and kettle bbqs.

Many ‘barbeque purists’ will argue that using an electric grill is not ‘proper barbequing’ – there are, however, a number of advantages to choosing this option.

Here are a few of the arguments, both for and against, using an electric bbq:

The pros of electric bbqs

  • An electric bbq is more versatile – they are not just an outdoor grill option – they can be used indoors as well, so you can still enjoy a barbequed steak or burger, even if the weather takes a turn toward the damp and miserable.
  • Electric barbeques can often be used in spaces where normal barbeque restrictions apply –for example, many apartment complexes forbid the use of traditional barbeques for health and safety reasons, but an electric bbq is allowable.
  • They are usually small and compact so, if space is an issue, an electric bbq is a good option.
  • They are easy to clean – most electric bbqs will have non-stick grill plates, so a good wipe down after use is often sufficient to clean them.
  • No charcoal or gas fumes – an obvious advantage over the other bbq options – electric bbqs don’t emit any of the smoke and fumes associated with other types of bbq.
  • One of the big issues for some bbq users is getting it started in the first place! Electric bbqs are easy to start and, once lit, have a controllable temperature through knobs or thermostats, making cooking easier.
  • Safety – never an aspect to be overlooked. With an electric bbq there are no gas leaks or possible fire accidents to worry about.
  • Cooks the food more evenly – as the temperature is more controllable and more ‘evenly spread’, you can ensure that the entire surface of your food is cooked evenly.
  • Many electric bbqs come with additional attachments, such as a rotisserie.

The cons of electric bbqs

  • Electric bbqs are often small, so can be restrictive to cook for a big number of people.
  • An electric bbq won’t automatically offer you that ‘authentic smoky’ or barbeque flavour – although, it is possible to add smoked wood chips to the grilling grates to replicate that barbeque effect.
  • As electric bbqs don’t achieve the same high temperatures as gas or charcoal barbeques, it can be difficult to ‘sear’ the meat. Some electric bbqs, though, will have patterned ‘sear marks’ on the cooking lid.

If you are going to use your grill everyday then an electric bbq may be your best option as it cooks quickly and, importantly, requires far less preparation and starting.


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