The Dual Gourmet DualChef 325G – A modern and efficient outdoor grill

If you are looking for ways to enjoy tasty BBQ food with family or friends then a fabulous outdoor grill is essential. Nothing will come close to matching the feel and flavour of grilling your food on this piece of kit for maximum results. Of course, this makes finding the perfect outdoor grill very important.

If you want the very best that a modern outdoor grill can offer then the DualChef 325G is a great option to consider.

Contemporary design with superb efficiency

You naturally want an outdoor grill that looks great and has superb style in its design. Alongside this, you also want one with the efficiency and power to cook sublime food. The DualChef 325G combines all this into one great value package. This makes it the ideal outdoor grill for any patio or garden.

The heat produced is distributed between three twin burners to give a superb all-round cooking experience. As a gas grill with handy one-touch electric ignition, getting it lit is simple and means no more huddling over charcoal for hours! The maximum output is an impressive 15.4kW, which is plenty hot enough for all your BBQ needs.

Innovative dual gourmet system

Another great feature that makes this the perfect modern outdoor grill is the Dual Gourmet system. This sees two temperatures combined under one BBQ cover for best results. The superb heat distribution this offers means the entire grill chamber is at the temperature you want. This system also incorporates a stainless steel heat diffuser that not only directs heat to the rotisserie but also helps reduce gas consumption.

But what if you don’t want the whole grill at the same temperature? This is not a problem! The stainless steel zone divider splits the two temperatures so you can cook different foods at separate temperatures when needed.

DualChef Outdoor Grills


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Space saving design

Of course, many people want a gas outdoor grill that is easy to store away when not in use. The DualChef 325G hits the mark here with its foldaway side panels and 4 castor wheel construction. Looking after and cleaning your outdoor grill is naturally key and the materials used in the DualChef 325G’s design make this simple.

If you are looking for a modern outdoor grill that will help you save gas and comes with some amazing features, this model is hard to beat. Browse this outdoor grill and the others in our range online today to find the best one for you.


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