Become an outdoor cooking connoisseur with our simple bbq cooking tips

Now a lot men will tell you that they are the Gordon Ramsey of outdoor cooking – after all, it’s in our nature to assume that we’re all BBQ kings! However, the reality is that it’s not always so – here are some tips to help you live up to your assumed reputation!

Use the right tools

Would a surgeon attempt an operation without a scalpel? No – of course not – now I’m not suggesting for one minute that barbequing is as delicate an art, but you have to have the right tools to do the job properly!

Here are the essentials:

1. A long-handled pair of tongs – they make it easier to move the cuts around the grill easily and safely – and reduce the chance of barbequing your own hands along with the food!

2. Temperature probe – Fantastic addition to the barbeque tool kit – an OutdoorChef Thermometer will put you in complete control of judging when your meat is properly – and safely – cooked!

3. Grilling Basket – Great for securing your meat, fish or otherwise, placed on top of the grill for an easy and even cook.

4. Barbeque Gloves – won’t make a lot of difference to your food, but will ensure that you are still there to eat it once cooked, rather than in the burns unit of your local hospital!

Prepare the correct amount of food

Avoid wastage and create the perfect amount of food for your guests. When considering how much food you need as yourself the following questions:

1. How many people are you cooking for?

2. Are you catering for both adults and children?

3. Are there special dietary needs to be considered?

Add flavour by marinating meat

Meats, and some other foods, may benefit from being marinated overnight in whatever sauces, herbs that you want to use for flavouring.

Consider changing the type of charcoal you use

Choose the right kind of charcoal to complement the food you’re barbequing.

Lump Charcoal – fast lighting with a burn time of around an hour

Briquettes – longer burn time of around three hours at a consistent temperature, so ideal for things like roasting joints.

Charcoal from other sources (oak trees, orange wood etc.) – add specific flavours, especially when topped with different wood chips.

Test the temperature of meat

Seems obvious, but very important – people will want to remember your barbeque for the good time and food they had – not for illness induced by under-cooked meat! The best way to ensure correctly cooked meat is to invest in a good temperature probe.

Rest your freshly cooked meat

Always let the meat rest once cooked – this allows it to reabsorb some of its’ juices and become more tender. Rest it on a warmed, foil covered tray away from the direct heat of the barbeque – and the dog!


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