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The Ambri 480 gas comes with all the features a good gas barbecue needs. The core of the barbecue is the unique funnel system, which guarantees even heat distribution and protects the food on the grill from harmful flare-ups since the burners are completely protected. Thanks to the single ring burner system, the barbecue effortlessly reaches temperatures up to 360 degrees within 10 minutes. Hosts can relax and spend time with their friends while barbecue specialities are grilled to perfection all over, with no need for turning. The minor details of Outdoorchef grills really set them apart from the rest, for the Ambri this means it comes with complimentary lid hinge and electric pulse igniter and you get a real quality feel that will keep you grilling all year round.


  • Lid hinge for ease of use
  • 480mm diameter grill
  • Durable and patented powder coated trolley design
  • Bottom shelf in eucalyptus timber (FSC)
  • Factory assembled gas components
  • Enameled: Burner, small and large funnels, grid, bowl and lid
  • One touch ignition with battery
  • Dimensions – 105cm x 60cm x 75cm

Supplied With A 37Mbar Clip On Propane Gas Hose And Regulator.