Outdoorchef P-420 GAS MINICHEF +

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The Minichef 420 G is the perfect balcony barbecue for city life. Practical and compact – but with a whole lot of power and a large enough grill surface to prepare delicious specialities for the whole family at the next balcony barbecue party. It makes an ideal camping barbecue for discerning campers.

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The core of the barbecue is the unique funnel system, which ensures even heat distribution and protects the food to be grilled from harmful flare-ups since the burners are completely protected. This allows the host to relax with friends and enjoy the barbecue party, as there is no need to turn meat, fish and other foods.

Some of the fat and meat juice dripping onto the funnel evaporates, which gives meat, fish, vegetables and more that distinctive barbecue flavour without anything burning. Thanks to the single ring burner system, the barbecue reaches temperatures up to 360 degrees.

From grilling to cooking or baking, the Minichef 420 G can do it all, whether juicy roast beef, tender fish, crunchy vegetables or crispy pizza.

And because the interior of the gas kettle barbecue stays nice and clean thanks to the funnel, cleaning the barbecue afterwards is child’s play: Heat up, brush the barbecue grid and funnel, rinse the collecting tray – finished!

 Turning the funnel to the volcano position allows you to work with very high, concentrated heat from below. Ideal for OUTDOORCHEF accessories such as the Barbecue Wok, Griddle Plate or Flavouring Pan.



Unique funnel system with even heat distribution

  • No need to turn the food to be grilled
  • No harmful flare-ups

Single ring-burner system, porcelain-enamelled

  • From 0 to 360 degrees in 10 minutes
  • Piezo ignition

Porcelain-enamelled kettle, funnel and barbecue grid

  • Easy cleaning

2 large plastic wheels

  • Easy transport

2 side shelves, removable

  • Space for preparation, compact size

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Weight 43 kg
Dimensions 58 × 7869 × 100 cm


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