Salmon Trout


Up To 40 Minutes

portions 4

Ingredients Amount

  • Salmon trout fillets 4
  • Cherry tomatoes 250g
  • Button mushrooms 250g
  • Olive oil 50g
  • Fish spice
  • Vegetable spice
  • Olive oil


Rinse the salmon trout fillets under cold water and dab-dry with kitchen paper. Check that all fish bones have been removed and season with fish spices. Wash the tomatoes and place in the half-moon (perforated tray). Place mushrooms in a dish, add 50 g oil and mix. Let the oil soak in and add the mushrooms to the tomatoes in the half-moon.


Place the half-moon in the preheated barbecue and cook the vegetables at 200 °C. After 5 minutes, place the trout fillets on the grid and continue grilling at 200 °C for 3–5 minutes. Season the vegetables with vegetable spices and serve with the fish fillets.

Indirect Heat Standard Position




5 minutes on a medium level with the lid closed