Salmon On Cedar Wood


Up To 40 Minutes

portions 4

Ingredients Amount

  • Salmon (With Skin) 800g
  • Honey 30g
  • Pinch Of All Spice
  • Ground Pepper
  • Orange Juice 0.5L
  • Orange (Halved & Cut Into Segments)
  • Cedar Wood Plank 1


Place the wood plank in lukewarm water for at least 60 minutes. Mix the honey and spices. Rinse the salmon under running water and pat dry with kitchen paper. Lay the salmon with the skin side on the cedar wood and cut into portions as far as the skin. Spread the juice of the orange over the salmon and coat with the honey mixture. Insert the orange slices into the cuts.


Place the plank with the salmon on the pre-heated barbecue grid and grill indirectly for around 15 minutes at approximately 200 °C. Core temperature should be 46 to 48 °C.

Indirect Heat Standard Position




5 minutes on a medium level with the lid closed