My Gas BBQ Won’t Ignite – What Can I Do?

Check the gas supply

Open the gas supply on the bottle as well as on the grill (turn control knob into position). If the gas can be ignited using a match, the problem could be with the ignition.

Ignition Check

  • Press the ignition (separately or integrated in the control dial; different depending on the grill) with the gas supply closed. If you do not hear a “click-click” sound, change the battery for the ignition according to your grill type.
  • If you can hear a “click-click” sound you must check the ignition cable: Make sure that the ignition cables are correctly connected to the ignitions (under the control panel) and to the electrodes (under the grill ball). Also check that the ignition cables are fully insulated and that there are no burns. If the insulation is not complete, it is possible that the ignition spark will jump over at the damaged area. If this is the case, you will need to insert a new ignition cable.
  • If the ignition cables are all correctly connected and the insulation is correct and still no sparks jump, you must check the ignition mandrel.