Pro and cons of using an electric bbq grill

A lot of people think that you can’t produce proper ‘barbeque’ food without an open flame – and a few years ago the prospect of using an electric grill for your outdoor cooking wouldn’t have been considered. In recent years, though, there have been great strides made in the design and quality of electric grills – yes, you may still struggle to produce that authentic, smoky barbeque taste, but you can get great results from products such as the Outdoor Chef City Grill.

Here are a few of the things to take into account when considering an electric BBQ for your outdoor culinary experiences:

Pros of electric bbq grills

Fewer restrictions

Depending upon where you live (apartments, housing complexes), there may be restrictions on the use of charcoal and gas grills, so electric BBQ’s may be the answer.


When using an electric BBQ there are, obviously, no concerns regarding potential gas leaks, or any issues around naked flames that you may have with other styles of grill.

Temperature control

An electric BBQ allows you greater temperature control whilst grilling, as it can be thermostatically controlled.

Long term cost savings

Gas barbeques will, of course, require gas tanks – these can be expensive and, depending on how much you indulge in outdoor cooking, the cost can add up considerably.

No fumes

If you’re barbequing in a smaller, or confined, space, then the smoke and fumes given off from a gas or charcoal grill can be both harmful and unpleasant. An electric BBQ will simply heat the surface of the grill and cook the food without creating fumes of any kind.


Electric grills are extremely convenient. They are often more compact that their gas counterparts making them ideal to transport from location to location, and requiring a smaller space in which to set up and cook. They also do not require any of the other paraphernalia that that alternative grills do – no gas bottles, coals and such, therefore needing smaller storage space between uses.

Easy maintenance

Electric BBQ’s are much easier to clean and maintain than their gas and charcoal rivals – very often they will just need to be wiped down after use, or with some models, the cooking surface can be simply removed and put in a dishwasher!

Cons of electric bbq grills

Heat generation

It can be difficult to generate the heat required to barbeque food well, depending on the specific design of some electric grills. This also impacts on actual cooking time – the food may take longer to cook than on a gas barbeque grill.

Longer to get going

Whereas with gas grills, the heat is instantaneous, electric grills can take some time to heat up sufficiently to start cooking. However, this is, of course, also an issue with charcoal grills.

Lack of  ‘authentic bbq taste’

An electric BBQ grill won’t always provide, what some people might consider, an ‘authentic’ grilled flavour. This is because people associate ‘barbequed’ food with the taste created by the actual flame that a gas or charcoal grill will provide – you don’t get this with an electric grill!


It really all depends upon your needs, budget and lifestyle – if you want quicker, more controllable and easier barbeque cooking, then an electric BBQ is a good option. If, however, you yearn for more authentic, more flavourful cooking, then a real flame is the only way to achieve that, in which case, gas or charcoal BBQ’s are what you should consider!


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