Achieve the perfect bbq temperature with an OutdoorChef thermometer

Barbeque cooking can often appear to be the ‘easy option’ for preparing food for a number of people – after all, it’s just throwing some meat on a hot grill isn’t it?  In reality, though, anyone trying to host the perfect barbeque will have a number of aspects to consider and get right. Probably, the key to perfect barbequed meat is temperature control!

Whilst we all think we can achieve this through our perfect judgement of how it looks, and sticking a fork in the meat now and again, it’s hardly an exact science!

There are, of course, many valid reasons why barbeque cooking should be precise – and not just because we want the perfect tasting food – there are important health considerations to be taken into account as well. One very effective way to achieve the perfect bbq meat temperatures is to make use of an OutdoorChef Thermometer. This should be a vital addition to our OutdoorChef accessories, along with forks, tongs and the like. Here are some advantages to using a meat thermometer when barbequing.

Food safety – avoid undercooked meat

One of the biggest causes of food poisoning is undercooked meat. Different cuts of meat require different cooking temperatures and times – it is imperative that any dangerous bacteria is killed during cooking. Using an OutdoorChef Thermometer will ensure an even and entirely, and therefore safe, cooked piece of meat every time.

Eliminate guess work – different cuts require different cooking times

No two cuts of meat are the same. Two beef steaks, for example, may be the same cut of meat but have different thicknesses and size, therefore requiring different cooking times.

The way to ensure these differences are considered, and all cuts cooked perfectly, is to use a meat thermometer. This will guard against the two problems of, one, undercooking meat – which presents potential health issues, and two, overcooking – which simply avoids ruining your barbeque by serving dry, tough and overcooked meat!

It also acts as a time saver, because you can leave the meat and be preparing other things whilst it cooks – without the use of the thermometer, you will need to be constantly checking on the meat until it is done!

Always maintain safe temperatures

If you are serving your barbeque buffet-style then you can use a meat thermometer to check, and ensure, that it remains at a safe temperature. Meat that begins to cool is a breeding ground for bacteria. For this reason, it’s also ideal for the safe reheating of previously cooked meat – reheated meats can often reheat unevenly, or have cold spots – use of the OutdoorChef thermometer will avoid that potential pitfall.

So, overall, investing in an OutdoorChef Thermometer is a wise move. It will save you money in the long run – how many barbeques have been ruined by throwing away perfectly good meat through imperfect cooking, and will keep you, and your family and friends, safe from food contamination and greatly improve the quality of your cooking to ensure your OutdoorChef bbq occasions are memorable – for all the right reasons!


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