Our top outdoor grill storage tips

We all love our summer months and the opportunity to enjoy outdoor dining – and we all hope, every year, that there will be plenty of occasions for us to break out the barbecue!

As we approach, hopefully, the warmer weather, we can set about retrieving the barbecue from wherever it was we stored it over the winter. Now, depending on how we prepared it for storage, this is either an exciting and enjoyable task, or something more daunting! There are certain things to remember to do in order to prepare and protect your barbecue in storage, and avoid potential rust and mould.

Here are some things to consider:

Clean your barbecue

It is really important to thoroughly clean your barbecue before storing it away. After the final use of the ‘barbecue season’, you should thoroughly clean the inside of your barbecue. The best way to do this is to follow these steps:

1. Cook off any excess – fire up your barbecue, on a high heat, for around 15 to 20 minutes. This will burn off any excess foodstuffs and make any food remnants easier to scrape off, thus making your grill easier to clean.

2. Let the grill cool to a ‘warm’ temperature, then, using a wire brush (such as you can buy from OutdoorChef accessories), remove any remaining food debris.

3. Let the grill cool fully, and then clean it with simple soap and water and ensure you rinse it thoroughly.

Cover your barbecue

When your barbecue is not in use, it is very important that you keep it covered. Investing in a good manufacturer’s cover – such as OutdoorChef barbecue covers – can save you having to replace your whole barbecue in just a year or two!

Store your barbecue

You should, wherever feasible, store your barbecue indoors to properly protect it from the elements over the colder months. Where this isn’t practical, then a garden shed – or some other covered building – will be preferable. If space dictates that your barbecue must be stored outdoors, then find somewhere that is sheltered from the wind and ensure it remains covered for the entire storage period. It is important that the covered barbecue is kept as dry as possible throughout.

A note of caution – whilst we recommend that you keep your barbecue stored indoors, wherever possible, along with other barbecue accessories, you SHOULD NEVER store any Propane indoors.


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