Enjoy a superior outdoor cooking experience with a Leon 570 bbq

There are few better summer experiences than having a good gathering around the barbecue on a warm evening. The Leon 570 Gas Barbecue is a simple, effective compadre to make your garden or balcony barbecue a raving success. Get the gang round, fire up your Outdoor Chef gas bbq, get the beers in and keep everyone well fed and watered without the hassle of lighting charcoal by hand.

The Leon 570 is compact and easy to manoeuvre

The barbecue’s working height is 87cm, with dimensions of 80 x 65cm, so it won’t take up valuable space outdoors. When not in use, it can be tucked away in the shed or a sheltered corner. The barbecue unit is even compatible with its own rolling cart, making it super easy to transport with a manageable total weight of 30kg.

It’s a robust, durable product for extensive outdoor use

The ‘black ball’ grill section is enamel coated to protect against rust and smoke damage. It will be weather-resistant to a degree, but good practice would be to store the unit in a sheltered place to ensure it stays in top condition. The lid features a temperature display and a covered dial, and is fitted with robust hinges to connect it to the base of the sphere. Inside the base there is a single gas ring with a capacity of 8.5 kW and a gas consumption of 612 g/h. It is a very economical product that runs efficiently and doesn’t let you down.

Use Outdoor Chef for versatile outdoor cooking

This Outdoor Chef bbq has a grill surface with a diameter of 54cm, offering plentiful space for larger produce like fish, steaks and vegetables. The Outdoor Chef Leon 570 features a titansilberne steel frame that is powder-coated for increased durability, and includes a built-in storage shelf built from black metal. The overall aesthetic of the product is sleek and modern, and it has the necessary size and built-in features to work for a wide range of outdoor cooking needs.

Take care to check the box contents to ensure your chosen package features all the parts, and look out for deals that offer discounts on the Outdoor Chef bbq with compatible accessories for added value.

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