Serious about outdoor cooking? You need the Outdoor Chef Ascona 570G

Those who are serious about al fresco cooking know that it pays to have the right gas-powered tools. After all, who wants to take the risk of using charcoal, which often results in uneven cooking temperatures and overly-charred food?

With the Outdoor Chef Ascona 570G gas barbecue, you can expect complete control over every stage of the cooking process. It’s a twin-burner unit which allows for variable cooking temperatures – from ultra-high to just 100 degrees. This makes it ideal not just for cooking, but for keeping food warm until it’s ready to be served.

More than a BBQ

The beauty of the Outdoor Chef Ascona 570G is that it offers plenty of variety. It’s not just a simple barbecue – with a single action switch, you can cook, bake or grill to your heart’s content, allowing you to prepare a variety of foods from one simple standalone station. What’s more, it features a patented integrated easy-flip funnel system which allows for both direct and indirect cooking, while protecting from any flare-ups caused by dripping fats.

The easy-flip funnel system allows for rapid switching of heat distribution while acting as a shield against any unpleasant emissions of smoke. It’s the stress-free way to ensure your food is cooked to the best possible standards.

Built to last

With a steel kettle coated with enamelled porcelain, two weather-resistant wheels and a durable hinged lid, the Outdoor Chef Ascona 570G barbecue has been manufactured with inclement weather in mind. Come rain or shine, you can expect great quality results from a unit that’s been built to the highest possible specifications.

What other features does the Outdoor Chef Ascona 570G Gas Barbecue have?

  • 86cm cooking height
  • Bowl levelling
  • Height-adjustable feet
  • A large front shelf, complete with tool holder
  • Two-burner system featuring integrated ignition
  • Lid can be closed within a 135-degree angle
  • Dimensions: 106cm(H) x 67cm(W) x 97cm (D)

Outdoor cooking all-year round

With the Outdoor Chef Ascona 570G BBQ, there’s no excuse to avoid al fresco cooking during the colder months. Instead of gathering dust in a garage or shed, this unit can be used whatever the situation. Think bonfire night, Christmas parties or even New Year’s gatherings – what better way to entertain guests than with fantastic food cooked the right way?


OutdoorChef helps you to master every culinary challenge. Whether gas, charcoal or electric, from grilling to cooking or baking: our intelligent barbecue systems and the wide selection of accessories pave the way for versatile barbecuing pleasure and relaxing times outdoors.

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