The New OutdoorChef Arosa 570 Gas BBQ

The new OutdoorChef Arosa 570 Gas BBQ has been designed to cook well and look good. This triumph of design has various cooking options meaning you can get really creative with your barbecuing.

The OutdoorChef Arosa 570 Gas BBQ

  • The Arosa series comprises the Arosa 570 G Tex, Arosa 570 G Grey Steel and Arosa 570 G Premium Steel models.
  • Gourmet Burner Technology (GBT) allows for a continuous temperature setting between 80–360°C.
  • A Gas Safety System (GSS) which reignites the fire of a burner if it has gone out – to prevent any gas leaks.
  • The OutdoorChef Flame Guard protects the ignited burners against the weather even if it’s windy outside.
  • If strong winds put out the fire of one of the burners, the burner system will automatically be reignited. This prevents any leaking gas from accumulating and accidentally igniting at a later point.
  • The Arosa 570 G can handle low temperature simmering but also high heat cooking such as pizzas with a crispy crust. The Arosa 570G is also adept at slow cooking – ideal for brisket, pulled pork, and spare ribs.
  • Rotate the funnel into a volcano position and the concentrated and directed heat will raise the cooking temperature up to an impressive 500 degrees – perfect for use with a grilling plate or BBQ wok.
  • Grill customisation! The Arosa 570 G Tex comes with the option of exchanging the cover of your BBQ to make your grill your own. Creative textile covers are available separately to represent your style.
  • Space to store gas canister and additional items in the underframe of the grill.
  • Depending upon the model, one or two foldable side tables, are included to increase the cooking and resting space available for you.
  • Two high performance ring burners that can be controlled separately of each other giving you more freedom to create.
  • With an easy flip funnel system and integrated lid thermometer.
  • With a solid aluminium hinge, towel holder and tool holders, the OutdoorChef Arosa 570 Gas BBQ is both stylish and well designed.


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