An Outdoor Chef kettle bbq makes your bbq experience

There is an extensive and diverse range of BBQ’s available to buy these days, with different features and cooking methods. Some people may favour traditional charcoal BBQs, some gas and some electric options, depending upon your preference. If, however, you have a good outdoor space – a garden, patio or balcony – then an OUTDOOR CHEF kettle gas BBQ is the perfect grilling system!

Employing the innovative Swiss Grill system, these kettle gas BBQs will produce the perfect barbequed food every time with the minimum of effort.

Here are a few reasons why you should be considering using these kettle BBQs:

A highly durable bbq

The kettle BBQ has a sturdy, four-legged structure as well as porcelain enamel-coated surfaces, making this gas BBQ durable and hard wearing, whilst being aesthetically pleasing sitting on your patio. The kettle BBQ also has powder-coated wheels, adding to its’ weather-resistant durability and ensuring longevity of your grill.

They’re easy to clean

The porcelain enamelled surfaces of the bowl, lid, grill and burners, not only add to the durability of your BBQ, but also make for easy maintenance and cleaning. These coated surfaces, along with the easy flip funnel system that allows for any fat to run through the funnels directly into the collecting tray, mean that when you come to clean your BBQ after your culinary event, you simply reheat, brush the funnel and grid, then rinse the collecting tray – quick, simple and efficient!

Easy flip funnel system

The Easy Flip Funnel system allows you to transform your cooking style from direct to indirect heat quickly and easily. If you’re barbequing steak or other meat cuts, then direct grilling is ideal, whilst indirect heat allows for an even heat distribution, which is better for slower cooking, such as vegetables and roasts. The cover has an integrated thermometer, allowing for easy monitoring as you cook and helping with your cooking timings.

The kettle BBQ also has shields for the burners which reduces the risk of fat ‘flare-ups’, thus reducing potential danger and smoke – and, importantly, lessens the chance of burnt food!

Convenient cooking experience

If cooking with even heat then the food doesn’t need quite so much interaction – it cooks evenly without being turned, so you can spend more time mingling with your guests rather than just slaving over the grill!

Apart from all the technical and practical features and advantages, the kettle BBQ delivers the most important aspect of any BBQ event – it is easy and safe to use, and it cooks great food!


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