How to maintain a gas barbecue – some top tips

Many of us enjoy a barbeque, whenever the weather and circumstances allow. If you enjoy al fresco dining frequently, and indulge in outdoor cooking regularly, then it is worthwhile investing in a quality barbeque grill.

There are number of options these days, from traditional, charcoal burning BBQs through to fire pits and chimineas, used for both heat provision and some grilling, right through to quick and easy disposable BBQs. Many BBQ ‘purists’ will argue that you can only get that ‘authentic’ BBQ taste from a charcoal grill – however, gas barbeque grills will also provide that BBQ taste and sensation, but in a quicker, cleaner and easier fashion!

The authentic BBQ taste is provided via the steel grill bars which collect the dripping fat and generate the smoke you need for that authentic BBQ experience. In order to further enhance that taste, you can place flavoured wood chips into a smoker box over the gas burners.

Gas BBQ maintenance

The most obvious advantage of a gas barbeque grill is that you aren’t left with all the ash residue that, unfortunately, accompanies a charcoal grill, and they are easier to clean and maintain – important if you barbeque a lot!

When you buy a gas BBQ, regular cleaning and maintenance will ensure that it lasts for years and is a value for money investment. If you clean it after every use, then ‘deep clean’ it once or twice a year, it should eliminate and prevent any fat residue build-up, maintaining both the quality and taste of the food grilled on it, and ensuring that your grill has a longer life.

In order to properly clean and maintain your barbeque grill, you should have these specific tools and materials:

  • Bucket of hot, soapy water – alternatively, a specialist, branded BBQ cleaner
  • A scraper
  • A stiff, wire grate brush
  • Disposable cloths and/or sponges

After each bbq use

  • Brush grates with wire brush
  • Burn off any waste by turning burners on full
  • Using soapy water, clean outside and bottom of the grill

For each deep clean

  • Wipe the hose and connections with a strong solution of soap and water, turn the gas on with the BBQ lid open and check for any bubbles – this is to identify any leaks! If any found, either tighten any loose connections or replace the hose.
  • Scrub, rinse and lightly oil the grates.
  • Push wire or pipe cleaner through the burner tubes to ensure they are clear of any residue.
  • Remove and clean all base plates.
  • Clean interior with BBQ cleaner or soap and water.
  • Replace or clean out the drip pan.
  • Detach the gas bottle – ensure that it is safely stored in an appropriate environment.

If you don’t use your barbecue grill over the winter months, then ensure you store it with an appropriate cover on and in a safe, dry environment. For the effort of a few minutes maintenance after each use, your gas BBQ grill will provide you with years of pleasure and beautiful, smoked meals!


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