How To Cook Efficiently On A BBQ

Everyone has cooked on a BBQ at one time or another but do you know how to get the best out of your barbecue to achieve the results you want? From charcoal to gas, and even electric, some simple tips will help you perfect your favourite BBQ recipes and leave friends and family smiling and satisfied.


BBQ cooking may be fun but you do have to get down and dirty before and after you cook. A clean barbecue makes for a more efficient barbecue. Make sure the air vents on your barbecue are clear and remove any soot and debris from the BBQ itself before starting your cook.


Plan your meals and timings out to make sure you get the best from your BBQ. It is unlikely you are going to cook just one type of dish so it’s important to plan when each item can be added – and removed – from the barbecue to get the most out of your cooking time. BBQ recipes can help with this telling you the exact timings for adding items so that you can make an overall plan for your get together.


If you like your food marinated it’s important to check your recipe and start marinating in good time. Most marinades will take at least 12 hours to infuse into your food, so you will need to start your BBQ recipe the day before you actually plan to cook.

Chimney Starter

Ideal for starting off your BBQ cooking, a chimney starter helps coals heat quickly making the most of your time. Air vents allow the heat to rise through the coals rapidly to bring them to ideal temperature before you start your cook.

Quality of your Charcoal

As with everything else in life, you get what you pay for! Using good charcoal will give you a more efficient cook as the coal tends to be denser – giving a steadier burn with more control. Denser charcoal often also lasts longer giving you more time to cook at optimum temperature.

Have A Rest

When planning your barbecue it’s important to make sure you plan for letting your food rest after cooking. Whilst most BBQ recipes will advise you on this some won’t – so as a quick guide you should cover meat and let is rest for approximately 5 minutes before serving it up. It’s important to leave space between items when you are cooking as well – approximately 2cm between meat whilst it is on the grill.


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