How to clean a gas barbecue

As much as we all love to break out the barbecue at the first sign of a clear, warm evening and enjoy a night of al fresco cooking and dining, there are the inevitable ‘chores’ that follow it!

In order to keep your gas barbecue in good condition for repeated outdoor feasts, you need to clean and maintain it in between uses. Here are some tips to consider when caring for your gas barbecue:

How to clean your bbq

How often should I clean my bbq?

Your barbecue should, at least, be wiped down after every use, but you need to thoroughly clean the interior of your gas barbecue every three months – and the exterior once a month!

What you need

Gloves – An ordinary pair of rubber gloves will make it a more pleasant experience
Brushes – A sturdy, hard-bristled brush will make cleaning the grill plates much easier
Sponge – A two-sided sponge – one soft, one abrasive will help
Scraper – A plastic scraping tool will loosen the stubborn, residual grease for you
Cloth – Use a microfiber cloth for most effective results
Cleaning Spray – Specialist sprays for cleaning BBQ’s are readily available

How to clean the inside of your bbq

  1. IMPORTANT – Ensure the gas tank is disconnected
  2. Brush the individual grates, removing any food debris
  3. Spray grate with specialist cleaner and set aside for a minute
  4. Scrub grate with abrasive sponge, then rinse with clean water
  5. Spray the inside of the barbecue ‘body’ with specialist cleaner and leave for a couple of minutes
  6. Using your scraper, remove the grease and any food residue, then wipe clean with a sponge
  7. Wipe the drip tray and bottom tray clean – be careful not to splash water onto the burner tubes
  8. Wait for barbecue to be completely dry before reassembling your grill
  9. It is a good idea to treat your grates with a non-stick spray to finish

How to clean the outside of your bbq

  1. Using an enamel or stainless steel cleaner, spray the appropriate parts and leave for a minute
  2. Using a microfiber cloth, wipe the applied spray from the surface (always worth noting, if it is a stainless steel barbecue, you should wipe ‘with the grain’ to avoid potential scratching)
  3. Wipe the panels, or frames, with warm water and a sponge
  4. Using a microfiber cloth again, dry the surfaces thoroughly
  5. With an appropriate brush, clean the burner tube air intake

Once cleaned, it is always advisable to store your gas barbecue away properly in a secure, dry place, wherever possible and practical. A proper barbecue cover will also help to maintain your grill in good condition.


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