Get the most from your barbecue wok

Almost everybody has used a wok to prepare a stir-fry, or other dish, on their cooker at home at some time. When it comes to outdoor cooking, though, a wok is not always the first thing that springs to mind when getting the barbecue out! A barbecue wok, however, can be a great cooking accessory for your al fresco dining.

Here are a few things you should consider when contemplating buying a barbecue wok:

What can you use it for

Well, the obvious use is for cooking vegetables – whilst a lot of people tend to associate barbecue food with just meat, preparing vegetables on your outdoor grill is a great way to add those healthy accompaniments for your barbecue meal.

The barbecue wok has a non-stick finish, so is ideal for stir-frying foods of any kind without adding much, if any, oil. The sloped sides of a barbecue wok, along with the heat conducting properties of the carbon steel, distribute the heat quickly and evenly, thus allowing the food to cook consistently, and make it especially useful for barbecuing smaller food items – vegetables, seafood or pasta – the sort of foods that may, normally, be more difficult to cook on an outdoor grill.

How best to use your barbecue work

It is best to apply a little non-stick cooking oil, or spray, and then pre-heat your grill wok before starting cooking. It is important that you have the correct ‘tools’ for the job – rubber-tipped tongs will protect the surface finish when turning the food inside your wok. Being made of carbon steel, the Outdoorchef barbecue grill will, therefore, become very hot and retain that heat for some time, so always use heat-proof gloves. Items such as the tongs and gloves, among other barbeque items such as silicone brushes, can be bought from Outdoorchef accessories. Being flat-bottomed, your barbecue wok is ideal for cooking on any surface – a standard barbecue cooking grid, or even over direct heat or a side-burner.

Once you have finished cooking, to care for your wok, simply clean it with soap and water – they are also dishwasher-friendly.

So, if you want to impress your family and friends with an Asian style outdoor meal, or simply prepare healthier options for your outdoor cooking experiences, then you should consider investing in a barbecue wok!


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