Top Gas BBQ Safety Tips This Summer

As the weather gets warmer you’ll be wanting to use your gas BBQ more often as you spend more time entertaining outdoors. It’s important to be careful and follow important gas BBQ safety guidance when barbecuing to keep your friends and family safe whilst you create them a barbecue banquet.

Where’s Your Barbecue?

The very, very first safety rule before you start barbecuing is to make sure that your gas barbecue is situated in a safe place. Look at the area surrounding the barbecue, is your barbecue placed evenly to prevent it tipping or being knocked. If the barbecue is close to ground level have you eliminated any potential risks at that level for the barbecue to be knocked or fallen onto?

Clear Cooking Space

So your BBQ is stable and in a safe place, what about what you have put around the barbecue itself. Have you got lots of food wrapping and paper items about? Look out for items that could catch alight and make sure the area that you are cooking in is clean and tidy.

Cooking on Gas

If you are cooking with gas make sure that the cylinder itself, the hose, and any seals or attachments are in good working order. It’s important to make sure there are no leaks in the connection between the cylinder and the barbecue as these will be a fire risk once the barbecue is lit.

Flammable Liquids

Cooking oils and alcohol are also a fire risk. If you do have either in the vicinity whilst you are cooking make sure they are stored well away from a lit barbecue.

Who’s About?

At family barbecues it is very important to make sure that guests know to steer clear of the cooking area whilst the barbecue is lit and whilst it’s cooling. Small children and dogs are an important consideration in your set up. Make sure you know where they are whilst barbecuing.

Flare Ups

If you are cooking correctly flare ups shouldn’t happen. To avoid flare ups, it’s important to trim any loose fat from meat before cooking, and to make sure your grill and implements are clean before starting to cook.

Food Poisoning

Sadly a common occurrence if you don’t plan your BBQ cooking effectively or check your meat. The safest and most efficient way to check your meat is to use a meat thermometer which will tell you if your meat has reached the appropriate cooking temperature before you serve it up.

Switch It All Off

You’ve finished cooking, everyone has had a great time – did you switch off your barbecue and make sure everything has been put away safely? It may seem like an obvious point but making sure the barbecue is secure after cooking is really important if you want to stay safe and enjoy your summer barbecue.


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