Complete your bbq experience with our full range of accessories

Whenever the sun shines, we can’t wait to break out the charcoal and set about preparing outdoor meals on the barbecue! As any seasoned outdoor chef will tell you, however, it’s not just about the barbecue itself – in order to get the best results from your barbecue, and to fully enjoy the experience, you need to have the correct tools and barbecue accessories as well. Whichever type of barbecue you use, there is a range of outdoor grill accessories to choose from.

Here is just as small preview from the Outdoor Chef accessories range to consider:

Barbecue cooking accessories


Outdoor Chef has a range of barbecue thermometers from the basic model through to the Gourmet Check, which has a dual sensor that measures both the circulating air and the core temperature, and also features an integrated timer and alarm, to ensure perfect results every time! Keeping entirely up to date with technology, there is also a Bluetooth version available.

Wood chips

People love the smell of the barbecue as much as the taste – and both are greatly enhanced by the use of treated wood chips in the cooking! Outdoor Chef provide smoked wood chips of the oak, cherry wood or alder wood varieties. The different smoker chips provide the perfect, relevant flavour – whatever food you are preparing on your barbecue.

Griddle plates

Available in small or medium sizes, these plates offer optimal heat retention and are ideal for cooking dishes such as scrambled eggs, as well as your burgers and other meats.

Barbecue tongs

These are an essential accessory for barbecue cooking – for safety as well as convenience! A barbecue tong has a practical closing mechanism and serrated edges make them perfect for turning your food, whilst the rubber-coated handles provide a safe and heat-resistant grip.

Grill plates

Outdoor Chef offer a wide range of different grill plates for use on your barbecue with different patterns and finishes. Cast iron diamond-patterned grills, vegetable grills, griddle plates and flavouring pans are all available.

Other grill accessories

Barbecue gloves

Outdoor Chef produce barbecue gloves in either silicone or leather – essential for safe barbecue cooking.

Cleaning brushes

You always need brushes when having a barbecue – whether it is a Grill or Funnel Brush to clean your barbecue after the event, or the Outdoor Chef Silicone Brush to coat your food with your various delicious marinades!

Chimney starter

The answer to everyone’s BBQ charcoal nightmare – can’t get it started! This is the fastest and cleanest way to get your coals underway – simply place your chosen fire starter into the chimney, light it, then add the coals!

There are many more barbecue accessories to consider – it will be well worth your while taking time to look at the full range of Outdoor Chef accessories!


OutdoorChef helps you to master every culinary challenge. Whether gas, charcoal or electric, from grilling to cooking or baking: our intelligent barbecue systems and the wide selection of accessories pave the way for versatile barbecuing pleasure and relaxing times outdoors.

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