How to find your Outdoor Chef BBQ Serial Number

The serial number is important for problem-free processing of queries, spare parts orders and any warranty claims.

Depending on the grill model, you will find the serial number on the data sticker, which is either on the grill rack or on the base plate.

Depending on the grill model, you will find the serial number on the data sticker, which is either on the grill rack or on the base plate.

You can find the serial number below the temperature controller and on the packaging.

Cleaning Tips For Your OutdoorChef BBQ

Very little cleaning is required between grilling as most of the fat either evaporates or is drained into the drip tray.

If it is heavily soiled, heat up the grill at full power for about 10 minutes. Use a grill brush with brass bristles (not steel bristles) to clean the funnels and the grate.

Use the OUTDOORCHEF Barbecue Cleaner for the remaining parts and for a more thorough cleaning. Alternatively, you can use a nylon pot sponge and soapy water to remove any loose residue.

My Gas BBQ Won’t Ignite – What Can I Do?

Check the gas supply

Open the gas supply on the bottle as well as on the grill (turn control knob into position). If the gas can be ignited using a match, the problem could be with the ignition.

Ignition Check

  • Press the ignition (separately or integrated in the control dial; different depending on the grill) with the gas supply closed. If you do not hear a “click-click” sound, change the battery for the ignition according to your grill type.
  • If you can hear a “click-click” sound you must check the ignition cable: Make sure that the ignition cables are correctly connected to the ignitions (under the control panel) and to the electrodes (under the grill ball). Also check that the ignition cables are fully insulated and that there are no burns. If the insulation is not complete, it is possible that the ignition spark will jump over at the damaged area. If this is the case, you will need to insert a new ignition cable.
  • If the ignition cables are all correctly connected and the insulation is correct and still no sparks jump, you must check the ignition mandrel.

What’s the benefit of having 2 gas burners?

The two burners differ in their area of ​​application:

  • The large ring burner is suitable for temperatures between 160 – 350 degrees (depending on wind and weather conditions). It is ideal for classic grilling, cooking and baking
  • The small ring burner offers temperatures between 100 and 120 degrees. The small ring burner is therefore only used to cook your grilled food at low temperatures or to keep it warm.

NOTE – The temperatures of both burners cannot be added if you switch on both burners. So you only need to switch on one burner at a time, depending on what you are preparing on the grill.

What’s the different between direct and indirect grilling?


As the name suggests, with the direct grill method, the food is placed directly above the heat source. This method is suitable for pan-fried food. Thanks to the high temperature, a nice crust or the perfect grill pattern forms on the steak.


With indirect grilling, the heat circulates around the food. The closed lid turns the grill into a convection oven. This grill method is ideal for large pieces of meat that are cooked at low temperatures, gently cooked fish or crispy baked pizza.

How to grill on a charcoal bbq?

When grilling on the charcoal kettle grill from OUTDOORCHEF, it is important that you pile the glowing charcoal on one half of the stainless steel charcoal container after it has been fired. This allows you to sear your grilled food over the open part of the EASY SLIDE funnel (Figure 1) and then turn the EASY SLIDE so that the closed part lies over the charcoal and let your grilled food draw in (Figure 2) until it is the desired cooking Level has reached.

With indirect grilling, the glowing coal is always under the closed part of the EASY SLIDE funnel and you thus have a 100% indirect grilling surface.

Tip 1

If you just want to grill directly and have all of your food above the glowing coal, you can simply take the EASY SLIDE funnel out of the grill. It is then important that you distribute the glowing coal over the entire stainless steel carbon container.

Tip 2

OUTDOORCHEF recommends closing the lid while grilling. The air circulation inside the grill reduces the grilling time by up to a third.

How do I cook on the charcoal kettle grill?

1. When cooking on the charcoal kettle grill, distribute the glowing charcoal over the entire stainless steel charcoal container. Please take the EASY SLIDE funnel out of the grill.

2. Then position the desired cooking accessories on the grillage and heat the accessories with the lid closed (between 5 and 15 minutes, depending on the accessories).

3. Then the cooking fun begins and you can start with your menu.

Tip 1

The corresponding ideas for cooking can be found in the respective recipes online or in our grill cookbooks. Let yourself be inspired!

How do I bake on the charcoal kettle grill?

1. When baking, the glowing coal must be brought under the EASY SLIDE funnel in order to achieve perfect air circulation for your baked goods.

2. Then use the appropriate accessories to prepare your baked goods and place them in the middle of the preheated grillage.

Tip 1

Depending on the situation, the accessories should also be preheated accordingly, for example with the pizza stone.

Tip 2

The corresponding baking times and tips and tricks can be found in the respective recipes online or in our grill cookbooks. Let yourself be inspired!

How do I control bbq heat?

The basics

The system needs oxygen for coal / briquettes to burn optimally. You can control the oxygen supply in an OUTDOORCHEF charcoal kettle grill thanks to the upper and lower ventilation slides.


If you open the two ventilation slides, fresh oxygen comes from below, the pulling effect causes the coal / briquettes to glow more quickly and thus the temperature in the system increases. If you reduce the flow of oxygen by making the openings smaller, the pulling effect is reduced and lower oxygen supply slows down the combustion process. The temperature in the system drops.


If you want to smother the charcoal after grilling, put the lid on and close all ventilation openings. Do not use water.


When firing, both ventilation openings must be completely open in order to achieve an optimal pulling effect.

What is correct way to handle gas?

Initial Checklist For Handling Gas:

  • I have read the instruction manual
  • Gas bottle, gas hose and pressure regulator are suitable for my country
  • My gas cylinder never stands in a closed room
  • I always move the gas cylinder in an up right position
  • I have performed a leak test (see below)

Testing for leakage on gas barbecues:

WARNING: When checking for leaks, there must be no sources of ignition in the vicinity. This also applies to smoking. Never test for leaks with a lit match or an open flame and always outdoors.

  1. The gas control knob must be in position Ο.
  2. Open the gas supply on the bottle and brush all gas-carrying parts (the connection on the gas bottle / the gas pressure regulator / the gas hose / the gas inlet / the connection on the valve) with a soap solution of 50% liquid soap and 50% water. You can also use a leak detection spray.
  3. Bubble formation in the soap solution indicates leaks. IMPORTANT: The grill may only be used after all leaks have been removed. Close the gas supply on the gas bottle.
  4. Repair the leaks by retightening the connections if possible, or replace the defective parts.
  5. Repeat steps 1 and 2.

NOTE: Perform the leak test after each connection or replacement of the gas bottle and at the beginning of the barbecue season.



  • In Switzerland 28, 30, 37 and 50 mbar are officially permitted. In Europe, 30mbar is mostly valid, with exceptions such as Austria and Germany, which work with 50mbar or a few countries with 37mbar. Various countries make the pressure dependent on the gas used (propane or butane).
  • The pressure at which the gas flows through the valve, nozzle and through the Venturi tube into the burner is 30 / 50mbar. This burns as it exits the burner. Thus, the flow speed at 30 mbar is lower than at 50 mbar. As a result, there is less gas in the burner at 30mbar than at 50mbar. Except…
  • … you compensate for the lower flow velocity by making a larger hole. So that the same amount of gas enters the burner at different pressures. In addition, the amount of air often has to be adjusted by adjusting the Venturi openings in order to achieve optimal combustion.


  • Only gas cylinders with a maximum filling weight of 7.5 kg may be placed on the base plate. Position the bottle in the space provided for it
  • The bottle strap supplied or the gas bottle holder provided is used for fastening. Please make sure that there are no leaky screw connections.
  • Carry out the TEST FOR LEAKAGE before commissioning and after every gas cylinder change.
  • Gas cylinders must not be exposed to a temperature of more than 50 ° C and must never be stored in a closed room or in a basement.
  • Observe and follow the safety regulations that are noted on the gas bottles usedTIP
    To connect the regulator to the bottle, use an Allen key to tighten the regulator on the bottle. When tightening, please make sure that you hold the regulator with your free hand so that it does not start to turn!

TIP – To connect the regulator to the bottle, use an Allen key to tighten the regulator on the bottle. When tightening, please make sure that you hold the regulator with your free hand so that it does not start to turn!