The essential accessories for bbq beginners

As the better weather speeds towards us at a pace – or so we hope – many of us start to look forward to a bit of al fresco dining and a chance to display our outdoor cooking skills!

Barbecuing can be great fun – but can also seem a bit daunting or challenging, especially if you are not an experienced outdoor chef!

The best way to go about barbecuing is to ensure that you are properly prepared and have all the necessary tools for the job – here is a list of the essential equipment everyone needs even if your just beginning your bbq cooking journey:

Use a chimney started to light your bbq quickly

The part of barbecuing that everybody dreads – getting it started! Of all BBQ accessories, the chimney starter is essential – It allows you to get your BBQ up and running quickly and easily in even the most difficult conditions.

Using a chimney starter will get your coals, or briquettes, to cooking temperature quickly and efficiently, and ensure an even temperature across your cooking surface allowing for a more even – and safer – grilling of your food. An OutdoorChef chimney starter is simple, quick and safe.

Briquettes burn for longer with consistent heat

Most people cooking on a ‘traditional’ BBQ will use briquettes as their base. There are a host of different briquettes available to choose from, but it is always worth, perhaps, paying a little extra for the best quality briquettes. They will produce a more consistent ‘burn’, and therefore temperature, and will burn for longer allowing you a greater cooking time.

Prevent dripping fat hitting coals with a drip tray

A really useful addition to your BBQ accessories, drip trays prevent dripping fat hitting the coals and ‘flaring up’ – which is not only dangerous, but can also char the meat and lead to an uneven cook. Aluminium drip trays are also relatively easy to clean at the end of the event.

Guarantee perfectly cooked meet with a bbq thermometer

Another absolutely essential piece of BBQ equipment. A BBQ thermometer is important, not only to ensure a consistent, even cooking of your meat, but also from a safety aspect – undercooked meat can be dangerous and you don’t want your family and friends looking back at your BBQ event and remembering how unwell they all were afterwards!

A BBQ thermometer guarantees that your meat is thoroughly, and safely, cooked – and, as an added bonus, they also help you perfect cooking your steaks exactly as people like, from rare to well-done!

A tool set is a practical bbq accessory

A BBQ starter tool set is a must – a good solid set of BBQ tongs and a sturdy spatula, or ‘turner’, are practical and hygienic tools that allow you to cook your meat, or fish, thoroughly and evenly without fear of burning yourself. Made from durable stainless steel these utensils are easy to clean and maintain and are ideal for a variety of BBQ applications.


OutdoorChef helps you to master every culinary challenge. Whether gas, charcoal or electric, from grilling to cooking or baking: our intelligent barbecue systems and the wide selection of accessories pave the way for versatile barbecuing pleasure and relaxing times outdoors.

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