What Are The Most Common BBQ Mistakes?

Everyone loves a good barbecue and we all know how to barbecue – don’t we? BBQ cooking is a lot more complex than it looks and it’s easy to make a mistake in your preparation and cooking without even realising! We’ve compiled our top four areas where people tend to make mistakes and offered some […]

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Key benefits of choosing a small gas bbq

Everyone loves a BBQ but sometimes it’s better to have a new view whilst you are cooking up a storm! Small gas BBQs have many benefits for those who prefer to improve on a traditional garden barbecue and get out and about whilst they socialise with family and friends. Do You Like To Get Out […]

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Our Top Tips For Cooking Meat On A BBQ

There is no doubt that at the heart of most BBQ cooking is meat. A firm family favourite when it comes to barbecuing, knowing how to BBQ meat properly can sometimes be a bit of a mystery! We’ve put together our top tips from how to barbecue steak whatever your guests’ cooking preference is, to […]

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Top Gas BBQ Safety Tips This Summer

As the weather gets warmer you’ll be wanting to use your gas BBQ more often as you spend more time entertaining outdoors. It’s important to be careful and follow important gas BBQ safety guidance when barbecuing to keep your friends and family safe whilst you create them a barbecue banquet. Where’s Your Barbecue? The very, […]

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How To Cook Efficiently On A BBQ

Everyone has cooked on a BBQ at one time or another but do you know how to get the best out of your barbecue to achieve the results you want? From charcoal to gas, and even electric, some simple tips will help you perfect your favourite BBQ recipes and leave friends and family smiling and […]

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The essential accessories for bbq beginners

As the better weather speeds towards us at a pace – or so we hope – many of us start to look forward to a bit of al fresco dining and a chance to display our outdoor cooking skills! Barbecuing can be great fun – but can also seem a bit daunting or challenging, especially […]

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Getting started with an outdoor charcoal bbq

Most people love a barbecue – there is something special about being able to cook and dine outdoors. It’s not, however, always that straightforward to get a BBQ right – especially if you’re opting for a ‘traditional’ outdoor charcoal grill to produce your fare. Here are some tips as to ease the process and help […]

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An Outdoor Chef kettle bbq makes your bbq experience

There is an extensive and diverse range of BBQ’s available to buy these days, with different features and cooking methods. Some people may favour traditional charcoal BBQs, some gas and some electric options, depending upon your preference. If, however, you have a good outdoor space – a garden, patio or balcony – then an OUTDOOR […]

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