General BBQ Safety Tips

We all love breaking out the barbecue, when the weather allows us to, and enjoying our outdoor dining. As always, however, when dealing with heat, and naked flames, there are always safety issues to be considered. There are different options for our barbecuing pleasure these days, each with their own specific safety aspects to be considered. Whatever form of barbecue you’re using for your next al fresco extravaganza, here are some safety things to consider:

Charcoal barbecue safety tips

  • Lighter fluids are always a safety risk. Wherever possible, use lighter cubes instead.
  • If using a chimney starter, ensure you place it on the charcoal grate – NOT on the ground.
  • When finished using the barbecue, close the air vent and lid damper to smother the flames. Let the coals cool naturally overnight and wait at least 12 hours before discarding them.

Gas barbecue safety tips

  • Always ensure the lid is open when lighting the barbecue.
  • When finished, always turn off the gas on the barbecue BEFORE closing the cylinder.
  • Never store the gas cylinders in an enclosed space.
  • Clean the grease trays regularly to avoid any build-up of grease and fat.
  • Regularly check the gas hose for leaks. This is especially important when using the barbecue after a long period between uses.

Electric barbecues

  • Never connect your barbecue to a multi-plug power unit – ALWAYS use an individually fused power socket.
  • Ensure that all the connections are protected from moisture at all times.

Whichever form of barbecue you choose to cook with, there are safety aspects common to all – consider these issues:

General safety tips

  • Read the provided user manual – the user instructions are included for a reason – not only for getting the best results from your barbecue, but also with important safety issues in mind.
  • Placement – Always place your barbecue on a firm and flat surface that is heat-resistant and non-flammable. Ensure there is a ‘workable’ space around it also – do not set it up in a tight, or restricted, space.
  • Correct Tools – Ensure you always use heat-resistant barbecue mitts to protect your hands and arms, and make use of the specialised long-handled cooking tools.
  • Correct Clothing – Think about what you are going to wear when cooking at your barbecue. Avoid wearing flammable materials and always use an apron to protect yourself from heat and potential spattering fat.
  • Oil – Take special care if using oil on your barbecue – only use it where absolutely necessary and only ever apply it to the barbecue grate with kitchen roll – never ‘free pour’ oil on a barbecue!
  • Extinguishing – Always let a barbecue cool down naturally – NEVER extinguish it with water!


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