How to use a bbq to cook asian street food

Our eating habits have changed quite dramatically the last few years, with a number of us experimenting more with flavours and styles of cooking and eating. One of the cuisines rising sharply in popularity is ‘street food’ of all styles, but especially Asian street food. Sometimes trying to reproduce these styles of food for ourselves can seem intimidating, but you can effectively cook great Asian street food with a gas barbecue using a barbecue wok.

Here are a few pointers:

Asian street food

The big factors to concentrate on in producing authentic Asian street food are flavour, freshness and simplicity! Most of the dishes consist of deep umami, or savoury, flavours with an element of heat and topped off with a sharpness. The key to it is to use fresh ingredients and cook it ‘on the spot’, as such, with a flash of extreme heat!

The classic stir fry method is a great way to cook street food – and, in order to produce a great stir fry, you have to have to have the right tools. In this case, this means a barbecue wok!

Barbecue cooking method

You need a reliable and fierce source of heat, along with a variety of ingredients, freshly prepared. The trick is to quickly cook the ingredients releasing all the flavour whilst allowing them to retain their natural crispness and tenderness. Most street food vendors will produce this food using a wok and a bed of white hot coals – this however, as any experienced barbecue cook will know, takes time. Using a gas barbecue will offer an authentic stir fry cooking experience without the fuss of the coals! A rounded, heavy cast iron barbecue wok on a gas barbecue will allow you to achieve the required heat for the stir fry, whilst being easy to use and control.

Whether you are stretching your outdoor cooking skills and repertoire with an Indonesian Nasi Goreng, a tasty Pad Thai or simply a more traditional Chinese stir fry, then using a barbecue wok will produce results that will delight your friends and family at your next barbecue gathering.


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