The wide range of official OutdoorChef bbq covers are designed to protect your grills from the elements. All our covers will keep your grills looking as good as new and working to their maximum even when the weather turns for the worse. Our range of covers are designed to specifically fit certain models to guarantee maximum protection.

As well as providing vital protection from the rain, an OutdoorChef cover is hard wearing and protects your entire grill from UV rays.

We have a wide variety of covers available but if you can’t find the specific cover you’re after please contact us and we’ll be happy to guide you in the right direction.

OutdoorChef helps you to master every culinary challenge. Whether gas, charcoal or electric, from grilling to cooking or baking: our intelligent barbecue systems and the wide selection of OutdoorChef accessories pave the way for versatile barbecuing pleasure and relaxing times outdoors.