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An All-round Success Story

When Mike Lingwood invented the gas kettle barbecue over twenty years ago, he was aiming to create something better than simply a barbecue. He dreamt of a healthy and varied barbecue culture, bringing people a unique outdoor cooking experience.

The gas kettle barbecue became a worldwide success, making OUTDOORCHEF famous. Innovations such as the intelligent funnel to protect from flare-ups together with a wide range of multi-purpose accessories are allowing our barbecue culture to be celebrated by more and more people.

With its gas, charcoal and electric barbecues, OUTDOORCHEF is now an established player in the international market. Driven by the brand’s increasingly large following, OUTDOORCHEF‘s engineers and technicians pursue a single goal: continuing to develop this barbecue culture with enthusiasm and a passion for innovation.


OUTDOORCHEF helps you to achieve successful results – with the greatest of ease. The barbecue can be assembled in a few easy steps. Start experimenting with your user-friendly equipment straight away for perfect barbecue results. The funnel system, porcelain enamel cooking grid and integrated drip fat pan make sure that your barbecue is clean and ready to use again in no time.


OUTDOORCHEF helps you to master every culinary challenge. Whether gas, charcoal or electric, from grilling to cooking or baking: our intelligent barbecue systems and the wide selection of OUTDOORCHEF accessories pave the way for versatile barbecuing pleasure and relaxing times outdoors.



For OUTDOORCHEF, this is an essential requirement for an all-round successful and tasty barbecue experience. Here too, OUTDOORCHEF‘s innovative funnel system contributes to a carefree and healthy lifestyle by avoiding flareups and allowing gentle cooking. Your neighbours will be pleased about that too.